Thank you for the healing session. You reminded me and my body that healing is a natural process – it was one of those ah-ha moments. You’re amazing. Patty F. Glendale, CA

Really – as good as it gets! She has helped me regain mobility in my shoulder (I had a torn rotator cuff). She was able to do deep tissue work without hurting me. She is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive and easy to communicate with.
Ray P., La Crescenta-Montrose, CA

Eloise Albrecht works magic! In just one session, she was able to open up my hip flexors and alleviate pain in my iliac crest and IT band areas, that I’ve had for years! Her knowledge of anatomy is phenomenal and she is able to trace every muscle and every tendon, conjur them into relaxation and reestablish balanced relationships between them. She also shared with me an easy technique to help myself relieve neck tension. That’s like a million dollar coupon right there! Kathie V. Brooklyn, NY

Thank you so much for your large warm hands and your stillness and patience. I enjoyed my time under your spell and only wish I could have more.
Lauren K., Hollywood, CA

Dear Eloise,
I just want to thank you for all your healing and nurturing help in this past year. I am grateful for your gifts and for the conscientious, intuitive and in good faith manner in which you employ your gifts for my benefit and for that of others. I have come a long way in my health and well being and I know that your ministrations and caring skill are a significant part of the progress I have made. Thank you for staying on your path and doing what it takes to manifest your gifts, and for sharing them with me and with others.
I wish you every blessing, abundance, fun and peace in the new year!
Thanks again.
L. W.; NYC, NY

I was diagnosed with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome after a fall on my elbow. Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is similar to Carpal Tunnel syndrome, but effects the outer portion of the hand and arm with numbness and pain. After I was told by a Sports Medicine Doctor and an Orthopedist that my only option was radical surgery to move the nerve, I looked into other methods of treatment on my own. I started off with massage therapy from Eloise and continued with acupuncture. Those treatments took away the numbness and a lot of the pain. Finally, I convinced the doctor to write me a script for physical therapy and did that for six weeks. Today I have no numbness and no pain. Lesson learned: Conventional medicine does not always have the answers to wellness. I always consult with my acupuncturist on major health issues.
Michele A.
Maplewood, NJ

I’m astonished at how much more in touch with my body I’m feeling after only two sessions with Eloise. We have had a thorough discussion on the issues I’m aware of going on with my body, and she’s helped me see how they interconnect.
She is straightforward, down to earth and easy to talk to. She takes the time to describe what she’s doing and how the various muscles that are involved relate to each other. I feel comfortable and secure asking questions about the therapy.
The session itself is very subtle. I’ve never experienced anything like it. She is adept at finding the areas that need attention, and working on them in a gentle but thorough fashion.
How do I feel after a session with Eloise? It’s like I’ve been looking through a dirty window, and afterwards the window is clean. Things are clearer and I feel integrated.
Laurie Ann R., Burbank, CA

Because of injuries that I had not properly addressed (for years) the muscles in my back and hips had started to “freeze” leaving me with pain that shot through my pelvis, hips and back when I walked or raised my legs. As I sensed that this issue was only getting worse and I didn’t want to end up crippled by pain, I went to several different professionals (acupuncturist, chiropractor, body workers) but to no avail – these practitioners either didn’t know what they were doing or didn’t care enough to listen to what I was experiencing with my body – sounds harsh, but they had more interest in the check that I handed to them than me. Then came Eloise… the dark clouds parted and a rainbow appeared – I know, sounds funny but that’s how I really felt. Eloise, a very warm and charming individual, knew deep tissue work like no one’s business and actually listened to me about what I was experiencing. It’s taken some time and patience to work out my body’s issues, but I can absolutely feel the difference that she has made – I walk without pain! As another reviewer said, “She (Eloise) is an amazing, talented and caring therapist and anyone who needs bodywork should definitely let her lay her hands on them.” I couldn’t say it any better.
Monica J., Tujunga, CA

“Being a professional dancer for many years I have had many massages by different therapists from around the world and Eloise is by far one of the best!! Eloise has just the right pressure and healing touch to release all the knots and tight muscles away, she has a true gift of healing as well as effective therapeutic techniques for giving an extraordinary treatment. When I am in town, there is no one else I want a massage from than Eloise!”
Theresa C.
Broadway Dancer- “Chicago the Musical”

Eloise’s hands are like divining rods – they find the area of concern without you having to tell her. This is not a Massage Envy type massage. Eloise is a massage THERAPIST with many years of practice AND teaching massage. Eloise is THE BEST!
Carolyn N, Temple City, CA